Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcome to Lagos Portugal

Welcome all, to the Lagos Portugal Blogspot. Use this space to add your personality to the town. If you live, work in or visit Lagos let us know. Leave messages for people and post your picture links, we love it all.

This space is part of your free guide to Lagos Portugal.


Craig Sands said...

blogging what a great way to keep in touch coool!!

Anonymous said...

Hi you guys,i`m Backpacking your way in April,what are my chances of picking up work for the summer and is it easy to get cheap accomodation.Been on your site seems like a great town (surfing looks good too!!)where can i hire a board or if i get work maybe buy a used one? Mark (London)

Craig Sands said...

Hi Mark
Yes thats a good time to get here if you plan to work,lot of people start arriving late April early May looking for work,so get in first.Ask around at the bars,speak to Adam or Nick in Casa Rosa or the bar staff at the 3 Monkeys they will point you in the right direction(probably get you steaming drunk first)The Rising Cock is a great hostel righr in the center of town,or try the Camel toe that good value accom.Surf boards.Speak to the Surf Experience guys..go on the front page of the lagos site and click on their advert for contact info,they do surfing trips out with gear included too.

Craig Sands said...

Mark...don`t forget to go on the front page off and put a pin and comment on the world map,click on the Globe button (bottom left hand corner)cheers Craig

Mark (London) said...

Hey thanks for info.. is a cool site..will try to arrive early,fancy a bit of bar work so i have the days free for the beach.Will Casa Rosa or the Three Monkeys need staff??sound like the places to be.Cheers Mark

Craig Sands said...

Hi Mark
Casa Rosa usaully employs flyers to hand out leaflets and promote the Bar,best thing to do is get here and ask around, you will sort out some work by word of mouth no problem...

Adam from Montreal said...

So, after a sour introduction to Lagos at 12:30 AM when I saw a motorbike
slice this girl in a parking lot (who was on the train earlier), and after
Taxi'ing to a residencial right by the cemetery at the town outskirts to a
raunchy room that had tiny bugs crawling in the bed, I thought NOTHING would
take away this bitter first impression of a town I'd heard a world about.

I only had one day there to flip the coin over, and (after eating purple
calamari and burning in the sun for hours) when I stopped by Metro Bar at 1
AM as a last ditch effort to party, things miraculously began to change. It
had a good jolt of music, atmosphere, and much needed shots of JD with
lively conversation. But, since I didn't sleep for almost 2 days, I was just
about to call it quits crazy early when the sly bartender somehow coaxed me
into finding my 2nd (or 53rd) wind. So after shaking his hand, I trusted his
recommendation to hit up at least one more place in the city (which happened
to be next door), perked up, met two utterly random and stunning ladies,
didn't sleep for a THIRD night, and don't regret any of it. If I had more
than one day in Lagos, I definitely would've popped by to thank you guys for
making my Lagos worthwhile and fun. You took my mind off of the larvae in
the bedsheets. Sleep deprivation is delicious.

Anyways, you can tell Ryan that he's still the only other canadian I met
throughout a month all over Portugal, that he's a beautiful man, and that
attached here is the absolutely cracked out picture of him I took
before scooting next door. Until next time!


Sue said...

Summer 2007 Lagos is back on. Bring on the fun in the sun and the lark after dark. Sweet times!!!


admin:) said...

Hey guys, there are 4 of us who are comming to Lagos for 3 months, looks like cool place!!!Does anybody have a contact to a cheap accomodation? Something simple for the summer, small appart would be fine....Thanks and btw what a great site! keep on rockin :)

craigh said...

was thinking about arriving in lagos on 31/12/08 for a week. Are the bars busy etc. Any advice welcomed. have been several time sin summer but never at this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig, may I trouble you and ask you to delete my post from "admin:)" as the email address stated is made public and packed with spam.
THank you so much
Kind regards